History Of Gambling In Various Ancient Civilizations Around The World

You may think of gambling as a pastime which gained popularity in the recent years. This is not so, as gambling possesses a rich ancient history as it was played by your ancestors and forefathers several years back. Ancient people considered gambling as their tradition and custom of their religious beliefs. Now gambling is practiced as a modern hobby by people all over the world. You can learn more about the history of gambling on various online sites. This post would help you understand the importance of gambling and how it has influenced the gambling industry.

The article below gives an overview of the history of gambling in various ancient civilizations of the world.

Gambling In Mesopotamia And Egypt
Researchers reveal that ancient people settled first in Mesopotamia and thus gaming would have first evolved from this place. There were traces of gaming items that were recovered from Mesopotamia. Some of the gaming objects discovered are disco four-sided Astragali, Knucklebones etc. This was nothing but the dice that we make use of today for gambling purpose. There are traces of various types of dices in Egypt. People made use of dices to communicate with their God. Gambling games were mainly used for entertainment in Egypt. Dices were used for playing various types of board games.

Gambling In China
China is considered as the gaming capital of the world. This is because there are various proofs offered by historians that prove china to be an ancient country which evolved the game of betting. People around the world started to invest their hard earned money in betting in this country. The game of betting was banned for several years in ancient China. But people continued gambling as their favorite pastime and this made the country to legalize it. Gambling earned a lot of benefits for the government of China. Many games of chances that gamblers play today were originated from the Chinese civilization. Gambling games like blackjack, poker, keno etc. were originated from China. It is also said that gaming card was also first played in China. Tile-based games which are the basis of modern domino’s were introduced in China.

Gambling In America
There are traces of gambling in America as well as historians proved that there were traces of various dice games in America. Archeologist discovered an ancient scoreboard which is used based on the dice. This is one of the oldest gaming evidence in America. Patoli is one of the ancient games of America which is similar to Ludo board game that we play today. The game was played with two players, and they usually bet their personal belongings like gold, jewellery, house, family or even their freedom for the game.

Gambling in Europe
Rome and Greece are some of the ancient countries which enjoy a rich gambling history. Par impar was a popular betting game played by people of ancient Europe. It is similar to the modern-day gambling game of odds and evens. In the older days, Greeks played dice games and various games of chances. In the ancient Rome, gambling was prohibited, and people enjoyed playing gambling only during the Saturnalia festival. Romans were involved in gambling in spite of the restrictions imposed. Several Roman emperors loved betting games.

The above article reveals the history of gambling of the various ancient countries in the world.